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We're currently working on our website, so here's some brief information about UKFCF.

UK Fibre Connectivity Forum (UKFCF) is an association of organisations and individuals committed to working together to support and advise the UK Government in delivering policies that will create a fertile environment for the rapid growth of the UK’s digital economy. UKFCF’s vision is to establish affordable, high-speed full fibre connectivity across all parts of the UK in all commercial and residential buildings, delivered on a level playing field by all stakeholders.

UKFCF was established in 2017 further to last year’s annual connectivity-themed parliamentary event, where the proposal of creating an inclusive forum was received with overwhelmingly enthusiastic agreement. Its quarterly meetings are well-attended by representatives from across the fibre optic industry. Read more here. And March’s Parliamentary Reception further welcomes all members to participate as part of our collective campaign.

UKFCF is chaired by founder Askar Sheibani, CEO of the Comtek Group.

For further information on membership, contact Steph Roberts at:

Email: steph.roberts@ukfcf.org.uk
Phone: 01244 283069

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